Most common mistakes when you buying a sword

When you are buying a sword, you are investing in a stunning display piece or a magnificently crafted weapon. Those are the main reasons customers purchase a sword, but sometimes they make a mistake. Here are a couple of examples where we are buying the wrong sword.

Decorative or Functional

When you are purchasing a sword, you have to understand the difference between decorative and functional sword. A useful sword must have razor-sharp and crafted steel so that he can slice through grass mats or any different objects. And if you are looking for a sword that is safer, than you are looking for the false-edged blade. You can use this Lich King Sword as a unique wall decoration, it’s a perfect example and a great piece of art.

unique wall decoration

Display of Sword

If you are going to buy a sword, you should already know the way you are going to display it. It will be unfortunate if your brand new sword is not shown appropriately, and suffer some minor damage. If you are planning to let him hang on two nails on your wall, it’s not a good idea. So the point is that when you are going to buy your new sword, it’s more than a needed to buy a display stand or display unit where the sword would stay. If you are going to purchase a display for multiple swords, you can rely on it for any upcoming swords in your gallery.

Often Expectations

Most often people want to use the swords for tasks they weren’t meant to do. If you are expecting from a low carbon display sword to cut a tree or any similar object, then better don’t buy one. The high carbon steel axe is meant for that kind of tasks or any other high carbon steel functional sword. So one more time, display sword is not for that kind of action, that’s why it’s called display sword.


If you are going to buy a sword, don’t make the cheap ones your priority.  you are already sure that you are going to buy a sword, don’t let the cheap swords to be your primary choice. Yes, they are more affordable, and from a financial perspective the right deal for you, but they don’t offer the quality as the other more expensive swords have. So, sometimes is better to pay more, and be fully satisfied with your product, then to spend less, and regret that decision.

Blade Maintenance

So, don’t buy a good quality sword, and just like that let it languish. If you have a fully functional, high carbon steel sword, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take good care of it. If you perform with your sword over and over again, the blade has to sharpen correctly and cleaned after the action. That’s why you will need to buy a sword cleaning kit, and a sharpener as well, so your sword always be in the best shape, and never fail you. Take good care of your sword, and he will work for you.